You Take of Your Business While We Take Care of Your Website

Our team of WordPress specialists help businesses like your’s protect their websites and ensure everything is running smoothly, all the time. As we only work with WordPress websites we have a laser focus on our clients’ needs and are able to identify and solve any WordPress issue quickly.

We noticed a pattern that our past web clients were constantly coming back to us, needing help with their websites like site updates, security, new page or post set-up, content updates….you get the picture

It was quite awkward because these tasks were minor to our experts and on a per task basis we very rarely raised invoices but when we added the hours together over the month the Website Care Plans were born. Our clients are happier as they don’t feel like they are asking for a favour and we are now more than happy to perform any services required at a price pro bloggers and small businesses can afford.

Essential WP makes your WordPress Website the best it can be. Using a combination of the best software and applications that are available for WordPress when combined and synced together they allow us to manage, secure, monitor analyze and backup websites faultlessly.

You really can have absolute peace of mind that your WordPress Website will be the safest, fastest, finely tuned website it can possibly be and you will never have to fiddle with the nitty gritty things you don’t want to so you can just get on with what is important – your Business. Just choose the WordPress Website Care Plan that fits your needs and we will get started.